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Reputation is everything for a small business, and we understand that referrals and word of mouth is very important to our continued success. Thank you for all the nice comments and testimonials regarding our services. Your time and feedback are extremely important to us and our continued commitment to providing our customers with superior service at an affordable price. Thank you for visiting our site! Thank you for your time and feedback What differentiates us I spent 24 years in the Army. My wife and I know what Army life is like. How we were trained When I retired Trend started training me to cut hair. Why we love what we do I spent 24 years in the Army, 11 years as a flight medic here at Fort Rucker a FlatIron 81/2 years And 2 years in Korea Camp Page, 542 Air Ambulance Company. It's just like I'm still serving in the Army. When I give the War fighter a haircut. Check out Trends Family Barber Shop you will glad you did and thank you

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Jeff, Enterprise
Outstanding haircut, price and service
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