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Hair Cut

Hair cut can cover, skin on the sides (low) or high, blended in Example is a (military haircut) low skin fade on the sides, with a number 3 guard on top, with the front a little longer, and a neck shave.

Head Shave

Head Shave can mean hole head Shaved. It can mean that you want the bottom half Shaved Example is: I would like Shaved on the side, with a number 3 guard on top

Lady Cut

A Lady Cut, example is 1 to 2 inches off, too get rid if split ends, if you have long straight you want the ends straight, if you have some what short hair a layer cut, the list goes on, you can call ask for Trend and talk to her about how you want your hair cut,

Beard Trim

The beard trim is that is too shaped up the beard. Example is I would like a number 4 guard, with a line under the chin

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